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Behavior Therapy at

Brown Psychological Services

About Behavior Therapy

Children diagnosed with Autism, ADHD or other behavioral issues often have unique needs that benefit from Behavior Therapies. Our Center provides the following:

  • In-Home/School Behavioral Assessments

  • Behavioral Intervention Plans

  • In-Home Behavioral Therapy

  • DIR-Floortime

  • Parent/Family Coaching   


The Assessment and Intervention Process

Behavioral Interventions can be an extremely effective in reducing unwanted behaviors and/or increasing desired behaviors. Behavioral Therapy provides a series of techniques to improve parenting skills and a child’s behavior. 

STEP ONE: The process begins with a Behavioral Assessment. This allows the clinician to gain a complete understanding of your child in their own environment. Behaviors and goals are defined.

STEP TWO: A Behavioral Intervention Plan which matches the child's needs and is easy to implement and monitor is created.

STEP THREE: Parents are trained on how to execute the Behavioral Intervention Plan. Our clinicians will also go into the child's school, when appropriate, to work with teachers on implementing a behavior plan in the classroom.

STEP FOUR: In-home therapy allows for the Clinician to monitor and adjust the interventions as necessary.


Floortime is an evidenced-based intervention developed by Stanley Greenspan and Serena Wieder, based off of the Developmental Individual-difference Relationship-based model (DIR). The therapy focuses on relational, social, emotional and cognitive development, by meeting the child at his/her developmental level. Parents are encouraged to play on the floor with their child, engage in activities that the child enjoys, and use social interactions to bring out their child’s curiosity and creativity.


Our therapists will provide parent coaching on how to engage in back-and-forth play through shared attention, problem solving, abstract thinking, focused concentration, and logical thinking.

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