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Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Occupational Therapist, Learning Specialist

About Us

Better Everything NJ comprehensive counseling and mental health clinic, providing Occupational Therapy, Psychiatric Services, Behavior Therapy, Psychological Assessments and Counseling, and Educational Support. We are a cooperative* of independent practitioners who have joined together with one goal in mind, to help you and your family receive the most comprehensive and collaborative care possible. We understand that seeking support for yourself or your child can be overwhelming, for this reason we offer a wide range of specialized care in one convenient location, in Short Hills New Jersey.  


To learn more about the various services we offer,

please visit our SERVICES page!

*All clinicians maintain independent and legally separate practices and organizations. If you wish for any practitioner to discuss your private information, you must sign a release of information. Each practitioner maintains entirely separate medical records that are locked and protected for your privacy.

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