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Welcome to Better Everything:

A Specialized Therapeutic Center for all ages.

We are a collaboration of providers offering comprehensive Educational, Psychological, Psychiatric and Occupational Therapies.

Comprehensive & Collaborative Care

Psychological Services

Comprehensive evaluations and treatments from multiple disciplines for children, adolescents, and adults. From a strengths-based model, we offer several treatment modalities including: individual, group and family therapy; mindfulness and yoga; ADHD and executive function coaching; school consultations and comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations.

Psychiatry Services

Our experienced psychiatrist is board certified in both adult and child psychiatry, offering comprehensive psychiatric assessment and medication management. Working from a multidisciplinary treatment approach, he will collaborate with schools, families and other clinicians to ensure you receive the most thorough care.  

Educational Services

Serving preschool children through adults, our specialized academic support services include academic subject tutoring, learning disability remediation, small group programs, and educational assessments. Our highly qualified certified teachers and consultants specialize in learning disabilities, ADHD, and language-based disorders

Occupational Therapy

Our pediatric Occupational and Physical Therapy group provides one-on-one treatment in a private sensory-based therapeutic environment, for ages newborn through twenty-one. We offer a wide range of services to address sensory processing, motor coordination, and fine/motor skill development.

Behavior Therapy

We offer in-home Behavioral Assessments, Intervention Plans, Behavioral Therapies, Floortime and Parent Coaching.

Groups and Workshops

We offer various workshops, guest speakers and groups!


Our goal is to provide kids, teens, adults, parents and professionals with support and guidance for a Better Everything!

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